Code of conduct for HTC

This one May also be a good reference as it’s small and not too long to read :blush:


Yes, I like the Code of Conduct you bring up @gkrishnaks (also the ‘Step down considerately’ is very appropriate… should’ve read it earlier :wink: )

Outside the CHT community activities I think that is to intrusive people have there own lives. There are proper agency or authority to deal with that issue. I think we must focus on our HTC community.

A draft version of the code of conduct can be found here.


I think that draft is fair and comprehensive enough code of conduct. Thoughts and additional suggestion from the community?

I made some changes according also to some comments here, check the wiki post. Once we agree on it, I update the draft version on github.

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Hi, I updated the enforcement section to say “if content/account does not agree with this code of conduct” - Earlier version had “remove content or account for any reason at any time”. I will send this as PR to Github repo.


Are you guys editing in a wiki edit or regular edit? My screen is different and won’t allow me the same actions.

Just figured it out thanks anyways… I didn’t realize it was on the bottom!

My screen is different too, @healthyswimmer. I guess we need to be aware of differences in operating systems.

I just made a few changes to the COC; of course, LMK what you think.

I’d also like to include this text somewhere (again from GRIS’s COC):

A supplemental goal of this Code of Conduct is to increase open [source/culture/tech] citizenship by encouraging participants to recognize and strengthen the relationships between our actions and their effects on our community.

I just pinned the topic globally (got tired of hunting for it in the topic list); LMK if not OK. :ribbon:


I added it in the initial introduction I made.
Any other update?
Otherwise I set this version as our current draft COC in github.

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I updated the github version, that now it’s our current code of conduct. Any further change and refinement is welcome, the code of conduct is a living document as it evolves along with the community self-conscience and awareness.


Added to the main menu:



Code of conduct updated according to this issue.

Added the following:

  • Be careful about what you are posting:
    • don’t post topics that are clearly out of the interests and focus areas of the forum.
    • don’t advertise your product/company/service in a generic post, you have the ‘Judge my app’ category if you want to propose something and get feedbacks from other members of the forum.
    • don’t replicate the same post in multiple topics.
    • if you reply to an existing topic, ask yourself if what you want to write is related to that topic or it would better fit into a brand new topic.

I propose to add the following to HTC CoC, to contain moderators’ temptation (mine too :slight_smile:) to edit topics written and published by any community member:

Moderators should edit the content of a topic written by a member only when it violates any rule contained in this CoC or in order to fix some evident format / grammar error.


With people asking members to fill out surveys and questionnaires, I am wondering if we can add something like this:

HTC supports open-source research. When posting links to surveys and questionnaires and inviting members to participate, please (1) describe the context in which the answers will be used and interpreted and (2) provide a link to results if possible. We all want to know how the data will be used.


In point 2, we should replace “if possible” with “once the results are ready - provide the whole document under openaccess license” .


I made a recent mistake to change the title of a topic from a negative connotation to a positive (that matched the content of the post). This change was too much, and I should have consulted the poster.

But I think Moderators should be allowed to clarify unclear or undescriptive titles to make them more accessible / insightful to other members. For instance: Change title “Job Position” to “Job Position: CompanyXYZ is looking for a humane UX Designer”.

Edit: Thinking about it a bit more… content belongs to the author, but titles belong to the forum. They are part of a discussion thread. Just like with newspapers where authors do generally not control the title. These are given by editors. For moderation there should be more freedom to tweak a title if that serves the discussion. But changes should always be done thoughtfully.

Ok so we can add:

  • Topic title could be edited by moderators to better summarize the topic.

I would add “and with the knowledge and consent of the poster.”


Consideration should be given that both the title and content of the post are a sort of some kind of the identity of the author and the value of autonomy is important. Anyway the author and moderator could meet halfway if necessary. I think clear rules on this are needed.

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