Closing the CHT Facebook group?



You are right, and you are in the right place on this forum, though we are just at the start of this :slight_smile:
We are in the process of reorganizing the forum and make it a place that focuses on creating solutions, that stimulates positive action and improvement of current tech practices.


I haven’t read the entire discussion, but I would strongly advise against deleting those groups altogether at any point.


  1. they may still contain valuable posts from the past that members might want to lookup again at some point
  2. they may be still linked from some web page.

If you ever opt for eliminating FB discussion I would suggest to “archive” those groups instead (you can do that as a group owner), after a redirect note has been placed on top (along with a reasoning statement for that move).


Thank you! We will certainly do it that way if it comes to it, but we are now thinking of having FB be the first part of a funnel that leads to this forum and follow-up tools, where the information quality gets ever higher.

BTW Welcome to the CHT Community! :slight_smile: