A better social network (inspiration, research, opinions?)



Great question @frrrst! If you’re interested in an extremely longform response to this post, I suggest you read the following two books:

  • The Shallows by Nicholas Carr
  • Reader, Come Home by Maryanne Wolf

Many startups (including mine) are trying to develop real world solutions.

Thanks for starting an excellent thread!


Thank you, @Blumsday. I asked questions like these awhile back, and they didn’t get answered. I am guessing that the absence of an answer reflects some limitation of the Discourse software.

For those who didn’t see my initial comment on this topic, I’d like to ask if we could have an icon that simply indicates “read that.” There is too great a gap between a heart and no response at all; some sort of intermediary is needed, I think.

So interesting to see these books paired together.

In Reader, Come Home, Maryanne Wolf tells us why reading is not an instinctive act like speaking, i.e., why we have to be taught to read. She goes into the science of the brain, and her explanation helps us understand why we don’t all comprehend and interpret–in the same ways–the text we read. Furthermore, when the ways we are taught to read change–and when what we read changes–we can lose certain analytical skills. And certain communication skills.

Going back to social networks: perhaps they replace certain kinds of “reading” so that we don’t have to understand; and by popular vote, such social conveniences are deemed “good.”

@scottcapener had this to say about going in the opposite direction: cultivating a genuine love of learning.