2019 Forum Reorganisation (Discussion)

This topic is specifically for discussing the forum reorganisation, and related to following resources:

New forum categorization

Forum retrospective and feedback on new structure

Pyramids model Github notes

Community Roadmap top #1 priority

Roadmap milestone

  • I would like to have full clarity on how we’ll restructure the forum by End of February ! Reasons:

    • We can only further mission / vision alignment (Pyramids model) if we are structured accordingly
    • We cannot handle influxes of new members from the CHT whilst in the midst of extensive reorganization
  • Part of the reorganization plan is a detailed task list and division of work

    • The list will be created and tracked on Github. We’ll only use the issue tracker and maybe a project board.
    • The plan itself will be communicated to our members, but in a way that does not allow to much free-form discussion and rework.
  • The plan includes action points for all places where we present information to our members

    • FAQ
    • Privacy Policy
    • Contribution guidelines
    • Code of conduct
    • Terms of service
    • License
    • Forum header text
    • Menu items, header icons
    • Categorization structure
    • Labeling
    • Forum help

Most important to start with is the forum categorization structure.

Note 1: Mozilla OL7 is nice, but not leading. It is a separate training and we’ll incorporate lessons-learned, but it should not drive our agenda. Community reorg and OL7 are separate activities.

Note 2: We may ask feedback from the community for several separate action points we are unsure about, and ask for other help along the way. Please give priority to things posted in Moderators category. I will sometimes create polls (and action points in the wiki we have for that) but otherwise I assume that no feedback means agreement (on draft direction, final decisions I’ll explicitly ask agreement for).

Forum categorisation

Thank you for your feedback on the categorisation @micheleminno. I’ll address your input and that of @Free here, and only post publicly when we reach further consensus (to avoid overly long discussion in the community).

General remarks

  • I like your idea to have the top level of the pyramid uncategorized, because it is the visionary goal we strive for in that focus area.

    • Need to investigate if that is feasible. If it is, then for each top level we can define a separate vision (the sweet spot of that focus area).
    • We can make the top of each pyramid a separate (special) subcategory, e.g. for Wellbeing have ‘happiness’ as subcategory. There are trends like ‘design for happiness’ on the internet.
  • I had taken Inclusion and Diversity as separate categories deliberately. They are usually thrown together, but they have separate meaning. “Diversity is about quantity. Inclusion is about quality” (see here). Placing them separately allows giving each category the attention they deserve.

    • ‘Inclusion’ is in Society pyramid in access layer. It means digital access for everyone in this context.
    • ‘Diversity’ is in the Wellbeing pyramid in harmony layer. It is related to acceptance of other cultures and races and sociability.
  • There are only 2 levels of categories on the forum, category and subcategory. So the pyramid layers can only be indicated by a color

    • I propose sticking with my images that show the layers and their names, but modify the colors so that lower layers have a lighter shaded color which is used in the corresponding subcategories. This way you can see which layer the subcategory belongs to.



I agree with your subdivision, with the exception that I would like to separate Inclusion and Diversity (see remark above).


‘Body & Mind’ in itself is a good name, but there are many harms in both these words that need to be addressed. I propose having them separately and e.g. name them ‘physical health’ and ‘mental health’.

I really like ‘Ergonomics’, a good find, but at the same time unsure if this is already encompassed in the 2 health subcategories. Also the term usually applies to physical products (an ergonomical keyboard). I don’t think we have any posts currently that fit into this category. Drop this term?

Agree on the other terms.


This is the hardest pyramid to define. I am not too happy on the way I defined the current categorization. At the same time, after Society and Wellbeing the Freedom pyramid exists on a higher plane towards human flourishing, so it is more important.

I suggest giving extra attention to defining this pyramid, but to do that at a later time. Leave it for now.


Agree on the subcategories, but Sustainable Business could be part of discovery layer. Finding alternative business models and new ways to do business. Then afterwards it is Governance that leads to adoption of these findings.


I’d like to call the category just ‘Harms’. It has ‘Harms of Technology’ text appear in the image next to the category name.

We have 4 pyramids, and therefore I also defined 4 harms subcategories. The one you omitted is the one I called ‘Internet’, but it stands for the Alignment pyramid. Harms addressed here are ‘monopolisation’, ‘net neutrality’, ‘proprietary standards’, ‘walled gardens’, etc. Mayb the name to use should match the pyramid name: ‘Alignment’.


In the focus category we find the community ‘Programs’. Long-running initiatives that can encompass many activities, initiatives, campaigns and projects.

I agree with your subcategories. Education, Research, and Partners can be omitted until we actually start to actively address these areas. Then for each we’ll create a corresponding Program when we get there.


I agree with the subcategories. The only addition I made is the ‘Feedback’ subcategory, to make community feedback a central concept. Getting good, continuous feedback on the community itself is very important.


This means that we will have a lot of subcategories. We still need to address @Free's feedback, who suggested a much flatter hierarchy. Need to have a good explanation why a further breakdown is needed.

It’s quite late now, I’ll update the wiki post tomorrow. Any feedback from you all is most welcome, @micheleminno, @healthyswimmer and @patm.


Updated: Wiki Post with Proposed Categorization

@micheleminno, @healthyswimmer, @patm, it is time for another poll… :slight_smile:

Is the current categorization going in the right direction?

  • Yes, this just needs some fine-tuning
  • No, because… (supply feedback)

0 voters

Shall we add ‘Happiness’ as subcategory to Wellbeing category?

  • Yes, add it. It can be meaninfully filled in
  • No, do not add it at this time

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What shall we do with the Pyramid of Freedom categorization?

  • Omit it from the categorization entirely
  • Have the pyramid levels as subcategories (engagement, expression, flourishing)
  • Find categories fitting to level 1 and 2, just like we did for other pyramids
  • Other… (supply feedback)

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I created tinted versions of the pyramids and added them to the wiki post. The images can be found in our artwork repository: