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This is a wiki post where you can suggest terminology that is automatically marked up with a small explainer text that becomes visible when hovering over the term with your mouse. The functionality is limited and each t…

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Dear Campaigners, I realize you are all very busy, and most of you didn’t see time to jump in the fray yet, So I will mention some very easy ways you can help the community and our Campaigners team to grow, that cost yo…

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As you may have noticed, both the layout and the categorization of the forum have undergone some changes. Also, Contribution Guidelines can now be found in the dropdown menu in the top-right corner. Position statement A…

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The Community for Humane Technology Welcome Activist ! Since we were founded in February 2018 we have collected a lot of information on interesting Humane Tech topics, and discussed about it. Our members and many more vi…

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