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Call for Action: Join the Humane Tech Awareness program - From Awareness to Cultural Awakening! ( 2 3 4 ) (73)

Dear community, After making significant forum improvements and a position statement for the community, the time has come to initiate actual community projects that build on top of the many valuable ideas and discussi…

Eventful Campaign: Foster a vibrant meetup culture, organize exciting events (4)

“Eventful” Campaign Info Name: Eventful Theme: Dogfooding Status: Launched Affiliation: Official Original idea: @aschrijver Coordinator: @aschrijver Latest version: This Github issue Summary Events Program for …

About the Projects & campaigns category (1)
Examples of Humane online designs? (2)
Undermined: Explaining Why Data Collection and Mining can be Harmful ( 2 3 ) (55)
A different approach: Debug Brains, leave the Matrix (9)
Reality Shock Campaign: Using short, dramatic video's to shock people into awareness (11)
Phone Zombies Campaign: Anchoring the term "Phone Zombies" in common language ( 2 ) (33)
Humane tech apparel webshop list (editable) (1)
"I'm here now" T-shirt project (12)
Digi Rights: Applying fundamental Human Rights to the Digital Realm ( 2 ) (34)
Goodies: Promotional materials for the Humane Tech Community (2)
"Memories of a bartender" awareness video project (7)
Wiki Reach: Infuse Wikimedia with Humane Tech knowledge (1)
Aware Prepare: Growth hacking the community and Awareness Campaigns project (1)
Tech Wise Campaign Theme: Promoting prudent technology use in child education (11)
Kids want to hack facebook account of their class mates (2)
Tools that can harm us (5)
Resocialized Media Theme: Re-engineer values, beliefs and norms of Social Media (1)
Don't Count On Me Campaign: We don't need those Social Media metrics to socialize (1)
Speak Easy Campaign Theme: Introducing language to change habits and culture (6)
Computer Says No: Little Britain's famous meme, but with a Humane Tech twist (5)
My first crowdfunding campaign: Privacy Inequality: The Documentary 2019 (2)
Dogfooding: Using campaigns to strengthen our projects and community (1)
Idea: Global Awareness Hackathon to boost Awareness Campaigns project, jumpstart crowdsourcing (1)
Mankind 2.0 Campaign Theme: Making people aware how technology impacts their lives (1)